The Science of SEBACIA

Development and Treatment of Acne

Acne is caused by unsightly and often embarrassing blemishes resulting from multiple factors:

  1. Excessive production of oil, known as sebum, generated by the sebaceous gland
  2. Blocked pores
  3. The colonization, or proliferation, of P. acnes bacteria, which exists naturally on skin
  4. Inflammation in response to the bacteria

The topically applied SEBACIA treatment contains specially engineered microparticles that a dermatologist massages into the pores and sebaceous glands where they are heated by a hand-held laser device. This heat is designed to affect the sebaceous gland and follicle and is intended to thermally change the glands and pores to reduce the formation of lesions. The investigational SEBACIA treatment is being evaluated in clinical studies as a potential acne treatment.

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