The Science of SEBACIA

Designed as a Simple In-Office Treatment for Acne

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Unlike topical retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, topical and systemic antibiotics, or isotretinoin, which rely on the daily taking of a pill, the application of a cream, or both, SEBACIA intends to treat acne with a physician-guided in-office procedure.

By delivering Sebacia Microparticles through the pores and only into follicles and sebaceous glands, SEBACIA is designed to selectively heat only those skin structures involved in acne.

With SEBACIA, treating acne is designed to be a simple, two-step process:


The patented and investigational topical Sebacia Microparticle suspension is applied to the skin surface and then wiped off.


Once Sebacia Microparticles are applied and gently massaged into the skin, they are designed to travel into the pores and sebaceous gland and reside within these structures.

After a cleansing wiping of the skin surface, a hair removal laser is applied to the desired treatment areas, which is designed to generate near-instantaneous heating only where the Sebacia Microparticles and the light emanated from the laser intersect.

This is intended to create a highly selective photothermal effect in the sebaceous gland and follicle while preserving the surrounding tissue to limit pain associated with the procedure.

The focused heating is designed to modify portions of the gland to alter the activity level of the gland. The investigational SEBACIA device is being evaluated in clinical studies as a potential acne treatment.

See how Sebacia Microparticles work

CAUTION – Investigational Device. Limited by Federal
(or United States) Law to Investigational Use.